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StátEntry into forceCountry NotificationRelated National legislationAdditional Information
BE   Belgie   - ---
BG   Bulharsko Implemented   -

Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria (Article 31, para 3); the Criminal Procedure Code; the Criminal Code; the Ministry of interior Act; the Judiciary system Act; the Act on the Liability for Damage Incurred by the State and the Municipalities; the Obligations and Contracts Act; the Implementation of Penal Sanctions and Detention in Custody Act.

CZ   Ceská republika Implemented   -

Act No. 141/1961 Coll., theCriminal Proceedings Code (in consolidated version), Resolution 2/1993 Coll., Charter on Fundamental Rights and Freedoms Act No. 40/2009 Coll., the Criminal Code (in consolidated version) Act No. 273/2008 Coll., on the Police of the Czech Republic (in consolidated version) and further Laws

HR   Chorvatsko Implemented   1 led 2020 -

Criminal Procedure Code

DK   Dánsko   - ---
EE   Estonsko Implemented   3 dub 2018 -

Code of Criminal Procedure

Compensation for Damage Caused in Offence Proceedings Act

Code of Misdemeanour Procedure

FI   Finsko Implemented   ---
FR   Francie Implemented   -

Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure and Civil Code; Principles with constitutional value and principle deriving from France's contractual obligations: the Declaration of the Rights of the Man and of the Citizen; the European Convention on Human Rights.

IE   Irsko   - ---
IT   Itálie   - ---
CY   Kypr   - ---
LT   Litva   - ---
LV   Lotyšsko Implemented   -

Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Law

LU   Lucembursko   - ---
HU   Madarsko Implemented   -

National transposition measures provided to the European Commission

MT   Malta Implemented   20 čvc 2018 -

Act No. XXXII of 2018 amending Criminal Code and the Drug Dependence (Treatment not Imprisonment) Act

DE   Nemecko   - -

Implementation pending.

NL   Nizozemsko Implemented   29 bře 2018 -

Code of criminal procedure

PL   Polsko Implemented   ---
PT   Portugalsko Implemented   -

Constitution of the Portuguese Republic

Criminal Code

AT   Rakousko Implemented   11 pro 2021 ---
GR   Recko   - ---
RO   Rumunsko Implemented   5 pro 2017 -

Criminal Proceedings Code

Law 236/2017 supplementing and amending Law 302/2004 on international judicial cooperation in criminal matters

SK   Slovensko   - ---
SI   Slovinsko Implemented   ---
ES   Španelsko   - ---
UK   Third Country: United Kingdom   - ---
SE   Švédsko Implemented   1 dub 2018 -

Code of Judicial Procedure and the Ordinance on Preliminary Investigation

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