17/10/2019 - - Legislation
EIO - Joint Note of Eurojust and the EJN on the practical application of the EIO

A shared effort of the EJN and Eurojust, has been finalised.

The Joint Note is a combined document of the conclusions of both EJN and Eurojust meetings over the past two years. The aim of the note is to support the work of the national authorities in charge of applying the EIO.


From the EJN side, the following documents have been used as a source of information:

  • Extracts from Conclusions of Plenary meetings of the EJN concerning the practical application of the EIO (Council doc 15210/17), in respect of the practical application of the EIO as discussed at the 48th  Plenary meeting in June 2017 in Malta and at the 49th  Plenary meeting in November 2017 in Tallinn;
  • EJN Conclusions 2018 on the EIO (Council Doc 14755/18), which combines conclusions of the discussions on the EIO at the 39th EJN Regular meeting in The Hague in February 2018, the 50th EJN Plenary meeting in Sofia in June and of several Regional EJN meetings during the year.


The Joint Note is available here in 23 EU languages

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