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Plenary meetings of the European Judicial Network

Plenary meetings of the European Judicial Network in the Member States

Next meetings:

60th Plenary Meeting of the European Judicial Network under the Swedish Presidency, Stockholm , Sweden from 12 to 14 June 2023 | [documents]

61st Plenary Meeting of the European Judicial Network under the Spanish Presidency, Madrid, Spain, from 8 to 9 November 2023.

Last meetings:

59th Plenary meeting of the European Judicial Network under the Czech Presidency, Czech Republic from 9 to 11 November 2022 | [documents]

58th Plenary meeting of the European Judicial Network under the French Presidency, Bordeaux, France from 15 to 17 June 2022 [documents]

57th Plenary meeting, 18-20 October 2021, Ljubljana, Slovenia [documents]

56th Plenary meeting, 29 June 2021, Lisbon, Portugal [documents]

55th Plenary meeting, Berlin, Germany [meeting cancelled due to Covid-19 crisis ]

54th Plenary meeting, 17-19 June 2020, Croatia [meeting cancelled due to Covid-19 crisis ]

53rd Plenary meeting, 20-22 November 2019, Finland [documents]

52nd Plenary meeting, 26-28 June 2019, Bucharest, Romania  [documents]

51st Plenary meeting, 21-23 November 2018, Vienna, Austria [documents]

50th Plenary meeting, 27-29 June 2018, Sofia, Bulgaria [documents] 

49th Plenary meeting, 22-24 November 2017, Tallinn, Estonia | [documents] 

The EJN holds at least three Plenary meetings every year.

The purposes of the Plenary meetings shall be as follows:

- to allow contact points to get to know each other and share experience, particularly concerning the operation of the Network;

- to provide a forum for discussion of practical and legal problems encountered by the Member States in the context of judicial cooperation, in particular with regard to the implementation of measures adopted by the European Union.

Two of the Plenary meetings are organised in the Member State holding the Presidency of the Council (at the end of each semester). These meetings enable the Contact Points to meet representatives of authorities in the host Member State and to exchange experiences about judicial cooperation in criminal matters. To these Plenary meetings, at least three Contact Points per Member State, two Contact Points from the candidate and associated countries and from partner countries are invited, as well as observers.

Plenary meetings in The Hague - Regular meeting

Next meeting: 45th Regular meeting, February 2024 (date to be confirmed), The Hague 

Last meeting: 44th Regular meeting, 16 February 2023, The Hague [documents]

Once a year (normally in February), the Plenary meeting is held at the premises of Eurojust in The Hague, the so called Regular meeting. Two EJN Contact Points are invited to the Regular meeting. The Regular meeting has a different objective and role in comparison to the two Plenary meetings organised in the Member States. It is devoted to practical and organisational matters of the EJN or new initiatives on judicial cooperation.

Meetings of the National Correspondents (NCM)

Next meeting: 15th NCM, 4 October 2023, The Hague

Last meeting: 14th NCM, 29 September 2022, The Hague [documents

The EJN National Correspondents responsible for the internal functioning of the Network, shall meet at least once a year. The objective of the NCM is to ensure a detailed examination and discussion of the activities of the EJN for the subsequent submission of proposals to the Plenary meeting of the EJN for final approval. The NCM is normally held in October, at the premises of Eurojust in The Hague.

Meetings of the Tool Correspondents (TCM)

Next meeting: 22nd Tool Correspondents meeting, 30 March 2023, The Hague | [documents]

Last meeting: 21st Tool Correspondents meeting, 31 March 2022, The Hague | [documents]

The European Judicial Network tool correspondents shall meet on an ad hoc basis, at least once a year and as its members deem appropriate. The aim of the TCM is to ensure that the information on the EJN website is provided and updated. The TCM is normally held in March, at the premises of Eurojust in The Hague.

EJN Regional and National meetings

Each year EJN Regional and National meetings are organised in the Member States. The overall aim of the meetings is to improve the functioning of the EJN Contact Points and judicial cooperation in general and to increase awareness of the EJN.

Regional meetings involve Contact Points from three or more Member States and focus on problems which have a particular regional character.

National meetings gather the Contact Points in one member State and representatives of the judiciary in the country, to discuss the activities and role of the EJN and to promote the use of the Network.

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EJN Regional and National meetings in 2023

ApplicantMeeting Topic - SummarisedMember States / Countries participating Meeting dates
AUSTRIADigitalisation of Justice – Consequences for Judicial cooperation in Criminal Matters.Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland. 26 p.m. – 28 a.m. April
GERMANYEnforcement of foreign judgement – sanctions involving the deprivation of liberty apart from prison regime.Austria, Czech Republic, France, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland. 8-9 May 2023
SPAINSpanish, Portuguese and Andorran judicial authorities meet to exchange information and best practices on EIOs and criminal under bilateral and multilateral treaties, as well as about practical issues regarding assets recovery and confiscation.Portugal, Andorra. 31 May – 01 June
LATVIAInternational cooperation issues of freezing and confiscation of property belonging to persons listed under EU sanctions as well in parallel criminal proceedings.Cyprus, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Sweden. 8-9 June 2023
SLOVENIAInternational judicial cooperation with focus on EU instruments and new technologies in practice.Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy. 18 p.m. – 20 a.m. September
SWEDENPractical handling of some secret cross-border coercive measures.Belgium, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Norway. 28-29 September 2023
FRANCEThe annual meeting of the EJN contact points.France. 1 day, 1st half October
POLANDVictims' rights in the light of the Regulation 2018/1805 on the mutual recognition of freezing and confiscation orders - role of the EJN Contact Points in solving practical problems in connection with the implementation of the right to compensation and restitution in cross border cases.Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Slovak Republic, Sweden, United Kingdom. 9-10 October 2023

EJN Regional and National meetings in 2022

Western Balkans and EU EJN CPs meetings

Next meeting: 4th Meeting EJN Contact Points, EU and Western Balkans – 21 September 2022, in Budva, Montenegro [documents]

Last meeting: 3rd Meeting EJN Contact Points, EU and Western Balkans – 9 December 2021, The Hague [documents]

The aim of the meetings is to strengthen judicial cooperation between the EU and the Western Balkans and to support the functioning of the EJN in the Western Balkan area.

Meeting for the New Contact Points

Next meeting: date to be confirmed in 2023

Last meeting: online, on 27 January 2022

Language trainings for Contact Points

Next meeting: 14th Language training for the EJN Contact Points, in the week of 8-12 April 2024 (place tbc)

Last meeting: 13th Language training for the EJN Contact Points, in the week of 20-24 February 2023

Guidelines on the EJN meetings