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ERA Events on Cybercrime

The Academy of European Law (ERA) is currently organising two important events in relation to Cybercrime:




1)      “Cybercrime Mock Trial”, Trier, 25-26 April 2016


The Cybercrime Mock Trial intends to be a practice-oriented exercise of a legal procedure that is the actual enactment of a fictitious cybercrime case. Participation in the trial provides the participants with an insider's perspective from which to learn about the application of substantive and procedural cybercrime rules.

The course will help participants in gaining a basic understanding of the legal mechanism through which a hypothetical cybercrime dispute can be conducted in trial regardless of the concrete national procedural setting. Moreover, it helps them develop critical thinking skills, oral skills, understanding of substantive/procedural areas of law and international cooperation rules.


For more information on the programme and objectives please visit ERA’s website:http://bit.ly/1QadiqF


2)      ERA high-level Conference "Fighting Cybercrime: between legal challenges and practical difficulties", Dublin, 10-11 May 2016


The terms "cybercrime", "computer crime", "computer-related crime" or "high-tech crime" are often used interchangeably to describe the phenomenon of the wide variety of criminal acts which may be committed remotely from the target area as a result of internet technologies. Due to the global nature of information networks, there is ever-growing vulnerability to cybercrime. To tackle this threat traditional mutual assistance and operational law enforcement cooperation prove often ineffective and inadequate.


The aim of this event is to bring together legal practitioners, policy-makers and national experts to share their experiences and intensify international cooperation in tackling cybercrime.


For more information on the programme and speakers please visit ERA’s website:http://bit.ly/1QadpT4

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