è un nuovo organo europeo costituito nel 2002 per valorizzare l'efficacia delle autorità competenti negli Stati membri che si occupano delle indagini e delle azioni legali relative a forme gravi di criminalità transfrontaliera, soprattutto quella organizzata.

Eurojust is a new European Union body established in 2002 to enhance the effectiveness of the competent authorities within Member States when they are dealing with the investigation and prosecution of serious cross-border crime, particularly when it is organised.

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Eurojust and EJN: Joint Paper

In the paper "Assistance in International Cooperation in Criminal Matters for Practitioners", you will be able to find information on the roles, list of services and other practical information related to Eurojust and the EJN.

The joint paper is now available in the European Union's 24 official languages.

DisclaimerThe joint paper has been translated from the original English version. Eurojust cannot be held responsible for the quality of the translation. In the event of any discrepancies, please consult the original English version of the press release.

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