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EAW Council Conclusions

On 1 December 2020 the Council of the EU adopted Council Conclusions

“The European arrest warrant and extradition procedures - current challenges and the way forward”, Council doc 13684/20. The Council confirms that the EAW is a key instrument in the fight against cross-border crime. It has simplified and accelerated judicial cooperation between Member States and continues to make an essential contribution to the security of EU citizens.

However, the conclusions also address areas for further improvement of the application of the EAW, such as national transposition, observance of fundamental and procedural rights, use of the EAW and surrender procedures in the time of COVID-19 as well as procedures in extradition of EU citizens to non-EU countries.

Furthermore, the Council raises the question about the need for an EU instrument on transfer of proceedings and invites the Commission to discuss it further with the Member States, the EJN and Eurojust, as soon as the outcome of an ongoing study on the matter is available.   

The EAW Council Conclusions acknowledge the essential role of the EJN Contact Points in facilitating the execution of EAWs and the great support of the EJN to the national judicial authorities in their EAW proceedings during the times of COVID-19.

The Council conclusions foresee an expansion of the EAW area of the EJN website that will serve as a centralised EAW portal at Union level that would greatly benefit the work of the judicial practitioners across the EU.


Link to the Council Conclusions

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