02/04/2019 - - EJN
Tool Correspondent meeting 20 March 2019 in the Hague

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to presentations by the EJN Secretariat, informing the participants about the current status of the website and presenting ongoing and future projects. During the second part of the meeting the Tool Correspondents, assisted by the EJN Secretariat, actively updated the website, concentrating on the Atlas and Fiches Belges sections.

Topics of the meeting:


An important task of the Tool Correspondents and the EJN Secretariat is to ensure the EIO is integrated in the Atlas, Compendium, Library and Fiches Belges.

Welcome package

This section of the EJN website provides relevant information to new Contact Points; explaining the responsibilities of the Contact Points and the functioning of the EJN. The Welcome Package is the ideal introduction to the EJN and will be send to all new Contact Points.

EJN Report 2017/2018

The EJN Report 2017/2018 is currently being drafted and it will be presented during the EJN Plenary meeting on 27-28 June in Bucharest. In order for the EJN to accurately demonstrate its value, it is crucial that all EJN Contact Points report their activities timely and correctly.

Website videos

In 2018 the EJN Secretariat produced the first of a series of website videos; this first video introduced the EJN website, focussing on the homepage. The upcoming videos will describe the four main tools of the EJN website: Atlas, Compendium, Fiches Belges and Judicial Library, as well as an instruction video for the EJN Reporting tool. Currently all videos are foreseen to have English narration only, but upon request the Secretariat, in cooperation with a Tool Correspondent, can produce versions in other languages.

E-evidence section

A new section on e-evidence has been created on the website, accessible via the homepage.

EJN Working Group on List of Measures in the Atlas and Fiches Belges

This new working group met on 19 March to discuss about a possible revision of the list of measures in the Atlas and Fiches Belges. The aim is to make the list more intuitive and easy to use for practitioners.

Monitoring tool

This new tool gives an overview of all the content of the website and will assist the Tool Correspondents and the EJN Secretariat to keep the EJN website updated.

Practical session

During the practical session, the Tool Correspondents checked and updated the EJN tools and added the last pieces of the translation of the EJN website.


The European Judicial Network is a network of national contact points. The role of the network is to improve, facilitate and speed up international judicial cooperation in criminal matters and ensure the proper execution of mutual legal assistance and mutual recognition requests, as well as to assist in establishing direct contacts between competent judicial authorities.

The role of the EJN Tool Correspondents is to ensure that all information o the EJN website related to his or her Member State is provided and updated in accordance with the EJN Decision (Council Decision 2008/976/JHA, Article 4.5). Moreover, Article 6.2 of the EJN Decision stipulates that the Tool Correspondents shall meet on an ad hoc basis, at least once a year.

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