17/03/2017 - - Partners
Joint Investigation Teams (JITs) Practical Guide

Adopted during the 12th annual meeting of JIT experts.




Eurojust has published the Joint Investigation Teams (JITs) Practical Guide, as adopted during the 12th annual meeting of JIT experts. The JITs Practical Guide is now available also in the EJN Judicial Library.

The Guide has been developed by the JITs Network in cooperation with Eurojust, Europol and OLAF. It enhances the previous JITs Manual in light of the practical experience acquired.

The JITs practical guide includes new features, in particular:

  • a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) which reflect lessons learnt and best practice;
  • specific developments on OLAF’s involvement in a JIT; and
  • a revised annex on operational planning (ex ‘OAP’).

The JITs practical guide also incorporates in an annex the updated version of the JIT model agreement, which is also available in the EJN Judicial Library.

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