23/11/2016 - - Partners
Set up of the Great Lakes Judicial Cooperation Network

On 11 November 2016 in Nairobi, the Great Lakes Judicial Cooperation Network was established with the aim to facilitate the administration of justice through judicial cooperation in the Great Lakes region. This network comprises the 12 member states of the Great Lakes Region and other countries in the region and it will be based on the model of the EJN.


The Great Lakes Judicial Cooperation Network will contribute to the prevention and punishment of trans-border organized crimes committed in Africa’s Great Lakes region. The GLJC Network will provide a forum to facilitate effective and collaborative legal actions at the regional level, and contribute to promoting the fight against impunity in crimes committed by organized groups and negative armed forces operating in the region, including war crimes and crimes against humanity, sexual violence, illicit trafficking of fire arms and drugs, illegal exploitation of natural resources, and terrorism.

For further information please see the official press release

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