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20th Council of Europe Web TV Journal

Latest news from the Council of Europe every Friday.


Watch the latest news from the Council of Europe in Strasbourg every Friday: the weekly Web TV journal includes interviews with people working in and around the Organisation.


In this 20th edition of the Journal  we ask them:


Is gender equality a minority issue? Carlien Scheele, Chair of the Council of Europe Gender Equality Commission, replies.


How to deal with corruption in education? Sjur Bergan, Head of the Education Department, shares his views on the issue.


Does Switzerland offer the right to die to elderly people? The European Court of Human Rights issued a judgment in the case Gross v. Switzerland.


Also in this edition: the use of special investigation techniques in fighting terrorism has been the focus of international co-operation at the Council of Europe. Thomas Wuchte, Head of the OSCE Action against terrorism, is interviewed.


And finally, we spoke to Edward Nalbandian, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Armenia – whose country assumed the chairmanship of the Council of Europe on May 16 – on the priorities of the Armenian Presidency.


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