24.05.2012 - EJN
After a quite long but highly excusable absence (motherhood), i am happy to inform you that i am back in the office ready to assist you. My baby boy is old enough now to stay home "alone". My phone number has changed but the e-mail and fax number remain the same. Feel free to contact me in case you need any help from Greek Judicial Authorities or any other information that you consider important. I will do my very best to help out.
11.05.2012 - General
Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance of the University of Luxembourg
11.05.2012 - EJN
We are currently looking for a young researcher to be employed in the framework of SURVEILLE, an EU FP7 Research Project under the security call, involving a number of EU partners under the coordination of the European University Institute. The project aims to analyze the effectiveness of security and surveillance technology in fighting crime and terrorism, its social and economic costs, and the ethical and legal issues raised by their use.
10.05.2012 - Legislation
In times of budgetary austerity, the protection of taxpayers' money gains renewed importance.
16.04.2012 - Legislation
Legislative Instruments- Negotiations...
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