COVID-19 and judicial cooperation in criminal matters



1. EJN VIDEOCONFERENCE on COVID-19 measures on Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters   

[last update: 11/05/2020] Public access

On May 7th 2020, under the Croatian Presidency of the Council of the EU, the European Judicial Network (EJN) held the 1st EJN Videoconference meeting with discussions on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the procedures for international judicial cooperation.


2. Impact of COVID-19 on Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters        


[last update: 15/05/2020] Public access


[last update: 15/05/2020] Restricted access

This is an overall compliation embedding in a single document information from the following documents, that were initially published separately:
i) Council document with replies by the Member States on the impact of COVID-19 on the EAW surrender procedure.
ii) EJN compilation with information on how requests and decisions for judicial cooperation in criminal matters are handled and on availability of judicial authorities.
iii) EJN compilation 'COVID-19 transits/transfers of persons and surrender in EAW cases'
iv) Eurojust replies to the Romanian questionnaire on COVID-19 measures


3. COVID-19 summary table of measures  2 [Last update: 12/05/2020] Public access – the table provides replies to the following questions:
-    Are surrenders of persons under FD EAW possible?
-    Are transits of persons under FD EAW possible?
-    Are transfers of prisoners under FD 2008/909/JHA possible?
-    Are EIO and other MLA requests executed only in emergency cases?


4. UNODC Compilation - information from central authorities [last update: 15/05/2020] Public access
Communications from Central Authorities around the world on the health Crisis caused by COVID-19 for measures related to the application of non-EU legal instruments


1) Some documents in the EJN Registry are password protected.To access the password protected documents, Judicial Authorities may use the EJN credentials or contact the EJN Secretariat.
2) Only the Member States that provided a reply are listed in the table.

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