Grants awarded 2023

Dear EJN Contact Points,

In line with the procedure described in the call for proposals for funding for the organisation of Meetings of the Contact Points in the Member States - Regional and National meetings - 2023, the Evaluation Committee has assessed the proposals that were received within the deadline for applications, as published on the EJN website.

The EJN Secretariat would like to inform that the Authorising Officer, as per recommendation of the Evaluation Committee, has decided to award the meetings listed below:

ApplicantMeeting Topic - SummarisedMember States / Countries participatingEarmarked amount
SWEDENPractical handling of some secret cross-border coercive measures.Belgium, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Norway.€ 4,816.53
SLOVENIAInternational judicial cooperation with focus on EU instruments and new technologies in practice.Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Italy.€ 5,468.30
SPAINSpanish, Portuguese and Andorran judicial authorities meet to exchange information and best practices on EIOs and criminal under bilateral and multilateral treaties, as well as about practical issues regarding assets recovery and confiscation.Portugal, Andorra.€ 5,304.45
AUSTRIADigitalisation of Justice – Consequences for Judicial cooperation in Criminal Matters.Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Liechtenstein, Switzerland.€ 4,719.27
GERMANYEnforcement of foreign judgement – sanctions involving the deprivation of liberty apart from prison regime.Austria, Czech Republic, France, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Poland, Switzerland.€ 4,337.89
POLANDVictims' rights in the light of the Regulation 2018/1805 on the mutual recognition of freezing and confiscation orders - role of the EJN Contact Points in solving practical problems in connection with the implementation of the right to compensation and restitution in cross border cases.Austria, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Slovak Republic, Sweden, United Kingdom.€ 4,903.31
FRANCEThe annual meeting of the EJN contact points.France.€ 2,829.91

Further, the proposal listed below shall remain on the reserve list and will receive financing only if there will be funds available from the above mentioned meetings.

ApplicantMeeting Topic - SummarisedMember States / Countries participatingEarmarked amount
LATVIAInternational cooperation issues of freezing and confiscation of property belonging to persons listed under EU sanctions as well in parallel criminal proceedings.Cyprus, Estonia, Italy, Lithuania, Sweden.€ 9,879.24

The maximum amounts reimbursable will be only up to 95% of the actual eligible costs incurred for the organization of the given meeting.


Call for Applications for Financial Assistance regarding the organisation of EJN Regional and EJN National Meetings 2023

Dear EJN Contact Points,

Please find below the call for proposals for financial assistance for the organisation of EJN Meeting in the Member States - Regional and National meetings 2023.

The period for the meetings is between 01 April and 31 October 2023, therefore applications for financial assistance of the meeting taking place before and after this period will not be taken into consideration.

Should you be interested in applying, please read carefully the enclosed documents with the instructions and make sure to provide all the requested information.

Please note that since the 2022 Grant procedure the ceiling of EUR 5000 per application no longer apply, therefore it is very important that your budget estimate is as accurate as possible and cost-estimates are documented by offers, documents showing prices and similar supporting documents for the amounts indicated in each relevant cost category of 1. Accommodation 2. Travel-Transportation 3. Meeting venue-equipment 4. Meals and collation 5. Other direct costs.

The deadline for applications is 14 February 2023.

Stages   Date/period
Publication of the Call for Proposals   15 December 2022
Deadline for submitting applications   14 February 2023
Evaluation period   15 February – 1 March 2023
Notification of grant decision   no later than 10 March 2023
Grant agreements signed   At least three (3) weeks before the planned action
Starting date of the meetings   1 April
Ending date of the meetings   31 October 2023

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    Call for proposals for EJN regional and national meetings 2023

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    Application form 2023 (MS Word file)

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    Budget estimate 2023 - EJN regional/national meetings (MS Excel file)

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    Table for ceilings for the organisation of EJN meetings

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    Financial Identification Form

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    Legal Entity Public Law Body

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    Presentation: 2023 EJN Grant for Regional National Meeting

Please visit the page on previously awarded grants to see a list of national and regional meetings funded by EJN in previous years.

See Guidelines on the EJN meetings