The Judicial Regional Platform of Sahel countries (SAHEL, created in 2010) was created jointly by UNODC's Terrorism Prevention Branch and Organised Crime and Illicit Trafficking Branch and COI. It is a Network of focal points, who facilitate extradition and mutual legal assistance in criminal matters procedures with the Member States.

Its main objective is to prevent and combat forms of serious crime, such as organised crime, corruption, drug trafficking or terrorism. To achieve its objective, SAHEL Platform helps to strengthen judicial cooperation in criminal matters among its Member States by facilitating the transmission and execution of mutual legal assistance and extradition requests made by Member States; keeping track of the cooperation requests processed; sharing experiences and best practices; and identifying technical assistance needs.

Sahel Judicial Platform (Judicial Regional Platform of Sahel countries) - UNODC link 

Members: It is composed of focal points from four French-speaking countries in Western Africa: Mauritania, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso.

Management: a Secretariat, which is an administrative body, rotating among Member Countries and supported by UNODC. Other bodies are a Technical Committee (executive body, composed of the focal points and substitutes) and a Ministers Council (deliberative body, composed of Ministers of Justice).