The objective of SEEPAG is to assist the fight against serious and organized crime in the SEE region through the means of the judicial system, and also to assist the SEE Law Enforcement Center (SELEC) by facilitating the rapid exchange of information and evidence in trans-border investigations. In addition, according to its mission, SEEPAG aims at:

- Promoting cooperation and better relations among the prosecution offices in the region, and between the prosecution offices and Police, Customs and other law enforcement entities;

- Providing operational support and assistance to SELEC’s related cases to facilitate more efficient exchanges of information and evidence

- Exchanging views and best practices in areas of common interest regarding international cooperation;

- Studying areas where reform is necessary and making recommendations to the appropriate government entities based upon the experiences of the states participating in SEEPAG

The primary function of SEEPAG Members is to ensure the necessary coordination at national level. The formal and informal cooperation among its Members is largely based on the personal contacts and trust developed over time, relationships which also foster collaboration between prosecutors and judges. SEEPAG enhances cooperation and coordination between national investigating and prosecuting authorities thereby improving the effectiveness of all law enforcement agencies in addressing trans-border crime. The communication is also supported by SELEC’s secure channels and the forum of the SEEPAG website. Based on the relations of the SEEPAG Members and as an outcome of the good cooperation, agreements for facilitating and speeding up the requests for mutual legal assistance in criminal matters were concluded directly between the General Prosecution Offices of the SEEPAG Member States. 

Members: SEEPAG is comprised by one representative per country, a well-known prosecutor or judge. The SEEPAG Members’ primary function is to ensure the necessary coordination at the national level. The 12 SEEPAG Member States are: the Republic of Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Bulgaria, the Republic of Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, the Hellenic Republic, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, the Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Turkey. 

Management: The Chairmanship of SEEPAG rotates among the SEEPAG Members, alphabetically, for a one-year term, hence giving the opportunity for representatives of all Member States to give their input and further refine and develop the SEEPAG network. 

SEEPAG has an established Secretariat based in Bucharest/Romania, provided by SELEC, which assists and supports the activities of the network. 

SEEPAG organizes its meetings at least once per year, during which the Members receive specialized trainings, are provided with insights regarding the legal systems of other Member States, share problems, experiences, cases and best practices.