The Network of National Experts on Joint Investigation Teams (JITs Network) was established in July 2005, implementing the ‘Hague Programme’ and its commitment that each Member State should designate a National Expert ‘with a view to encouraging the use of JITs and exchanging experience on best practice’.

Since mid-January 2011, the JITs Network has a Secretariat – hosted by Eurojust - that promotes the activities of the JITs Network and supports the National Experts in their work.  Since July 2013, the JITs Network Secretariat is also managing the grants awarded by Eurojust – from within its regular budget – as financial support to cross-border investigation activities of JITs.

The aim of the JITs Network, consisting of at least one National Expert per Member State, is to facilitate the work of practitioners in the Member States. The JITs Network primarily encourages the use of JITs. Moreover, the JITs Network facilitates the setting up of teams, helps in the sharing of experience and best practice and assists practitioners in the various Member States with legislative, administrative and operational aspects relating to the establishment of JITs.

The National Experts are mainly representatives from law enforcement, prosecutorial and/or judicial authorities. Institutional bodies such as Eurojust, Europol, OLAF, the European Commission and the Council of the European Union have also appointed contact points to the JITs Network.

Since 2005, the JITs Network has met once each year during the Annual meeting of the National Experts on Joint Investigation Teams, organised jointly by Eurojust and Europol. This meeting is a forum where both the Member States and Institutions share questions and problems and propose solutions from a practitioner’s point of view. Each year, the meeting is built around a ‘central topic’, which is the leitmotif for discussion.

What a Joint Investigation team is?

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For a list of the National Experts of the JITs Network, please consult the Cooperation with third countries and judicial networks section (list available only to the EJN Contact Points).

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Operational Support during COVID-19 Pandemic: Information for setting up a Joint Investigation Team (JIT)


The document compiled by JITs Network Secretariat and based on information received from JIT National experts, on whether concluding a JIT by accepting an electronic version of the agreement duly signed by the other party and exchanging the original versions at a later stage is possible in line with the national legislation of the Member States.