The European Judicial Training Network’s (EJTN) 2019 Annual Report has been published.

According to the Secretary General of the EJTN, Mr Markus Brückner, judge:

The report depicts a new exceptionally productive year for the EJTN Network. A record number of 7,349 individual judges, prosecutors, trainers and trainees received training in the past year. In 2019, EJTN provided for a record of 36,427 individual training days to Europe’s judiciary. Furthermore, EJTN’s Exchange Programme provided for 3,220 judicial exchange and study visit places – representing a 10% increase in places compared to the previous year.

The report describes also many other achievements in the last year and further explains the new opportunities and possibilities for the EJTN in the upcoming period.

Calendar of activities 2021 

The EJN Secretariat encourages the EJN contact points to apply for the training events from the EJTN catalogue and will continue to promote a close cooperation between EJN and EJTN, including future common training activities and participation of EJN speakers in EJTN seminars.

Please visit the Exchange Programme section to get more information on the different activities offered by the Programme.