11/04/2016 - - EJN
Eurojust and EJN: Joint Paper

The Joint Task Force Paper "Assistance in International Cooperation in Criminal Matters for Practitioners" of the European Judicial Network and Eurojust is available on our website. You can find the document on the About EJN page, in our partners section for Eurojust, in the Judicial Library and on this page (see below).


EJN and Eurojust – Joint Paper

In the paper Assistance in International Cooperation in Criminal Matters for Practitioners (Joint Paper), the role of the EJN and Eurojust is described. The aim of the Joint Paper is to facilitate for judicial practitioners in deciding whether they should contact the EJN or Eurojust for assistance in international cooperation in criminal matters.

The Joint Paper is available in the following languages.

The joint paper has been translated from the original English version. In the event of any discrepancies, please consult the original English version.

Above links are to the latest version of the document (2018), in our Judicial Library you also find the previous version (2014), which is available in all EU languages.

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