Tools Correspondents - Updating Fiches Belges

The Fiches Belges are the investigative measures that can be performed by one Member State upon request of another. Though most Fiches are requestable to each Member States, there are exceptions. It can be that a certain measure cannot be performed by a Member State, or that there are some limitation to the applicability of a Fiche Belge in a Member State. To help practitioners determine the situation in a Member State concerning a specific Fiche, the EJN site contains detailed information on each Member State-Fiche combination.

The Tools Correspondent is responsible for updating this information. Through the back-office the TC will indicate whether a Fiche is a) applicable, b) not applicable, or c) applicable to a certain extend. Also for each Fiche practical information will be given on the scope, competent authority and applicability. All the information is maintained through the back-office, by the Tools Correspondent.

The Atlas is maintained through the back-office, consult the Backoffice manual Section for technical detail.

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