Functions of the National Correspondents

Each Member State shall appoint, among the Contact Points, a National Correspondent for the European Judicial Network.

The National Correspondent acts as a coordinator for issues related to the internal functioning of the Network and as such is the main person responsible for the contacts with the EJN Secretariat.

The tasks of the National Correspondents includes:

  • Preparing for and participating in the EJN National Correspondents meeting held once per year in October in the Hague;
  • Coordinating incoming requests issued by the competent national authorities in another country, if needed.
  • Coordinating the registrations to the EJN Plenary meetings within his or her Member State;
  • Ensuring the collection of information on statistics of the cases and other EJN activities in his or her Member State through the EJN online Reporting tool and for submitting the information to the EJN Secretariat;
  • Submitting an application for the financial assistance for the organisation of the EJN regional or national meetings.
  • Informing the EJN Secretariat about changes in national legislation regarding international judicial cooperation;
  • Where requested, give an opinion concerning the appointment of new contact points .
  • Representing the EJN in external relations. The National Correspondent will act both as an expert/ trainer in cooperation with partners and other judicial networks and also as a first point of access in his or her Member State in cooperation with third countries/ other judicial networks.
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