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Last reviewed on 19 kolovoz 2021 by EJN Tajništvo
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CountryEntry into forceCountry NotificationRelated National legislationAdditional Information
AT   Austrija Implemented   ---
BE   Belgija Implemented   ---
BG   Bugarska Implemented   ---
CZ   Ceška Republika Implemented   -

Act No. 40/2009 Coll., the Criminal Code (in consolidated version),  Resolution 2/1993 Coll., Charter on Fundamental Rights and Freedoms

CY   Cipar Implemented   ---
DK   Danska Implemented   ---
EE   Estonija Implemented   ---
FI   Finska Implemented   1 kol 2008 -

2008/503, 2013/325 

FR   Francuska Implemented   ---
GR   Grcka Planned   process ongoing --

This measure has been repealed by Directive 2017/541/EU.

HR   Hrvatska Implemented   1 sij 2013 -

Criminal code (Official Gazzette No 125/11)

IE   Irska Planned   process ongoing -

Transposition measures are included in the Criminal Justice (Terrorist Offences) (Amendment) Bill which is due to be enacted in the coming months.

IT   Italija Implemented   ---
LV   Latvija Implemented   ---
LT   Litva Implemented   ---
LU   Luksemburg Implemented   4 sij 2013 -

Transposée dans le cadre de la loi du 26 décembre 2012 portant approbation de la Convention de Varsovie, même si le titre de la loi n'y fait pas expressément référence, tant la loi que les documents parlementaires démontrent que tant la DC de 2008 que celle de 2002 ont fait partie de l'emprise du projet. Publication Mém. A 290 du 31 décembre 2012.

HU   Madarska Implemented   ---
MT   Malta Implemented   17 srp 2009 -

Articles 328A-328M, Criminal Code (Cap 9) as amended by Act IX of 2009

NL   Nizozemska Implemented   ---
DE   Njemacka Implemented   19 vlj 2011

Council Document 7351/11 DROIPEN 17 of 14 March 2011

No implementing legislation necessary, see notification.

PL   Poljska Implemented   ---
PT   Portugal Implemented   ---
RO   Rumunjska Implemented   -

Criminal Code; special legislation.

SK   Slovacka Implemented   1 sij 2010 -

Act no 300/2005 Coll. of 20/05/2005, Criminal Code as amended by the Act no 576/2009 Coll.

SI   Slovenija Implemented   ---
ES   Španjolska Implemented   23 pro 2010 -

Ley Orgánica 5/2010 de 22/6/2010 amending the Penal Code

SE   Švedska Implemented   ---
UK   Third Country: United Kingdom Implemented   ---
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