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ДържаваEntry into forceCountry NotificationRelated National legislationAdditional Information
HR   Croatia   - ---
AT   Австрия Planned   process ongoing -

A draft bill implementing the Directive is being prepared by the Federal Ministry of Justice together with the Ministry of the Interior.

BE   Белгия   - ---
BG   България   - ---
DE   Германия Implemented   26 авг 2020

Notification and implementation by Germany of the Directive amending the Framework Decision as regards the exchange of information on third-country nationals and as regards the ECRIS

Act of 16/06/2020. Federal Gazette 2020 I, 1648 – Gesetz zur Durchführung der Verordnung (EU) 2017/1939 des Rates vom 12. Oktober 2017 zur Durchführung einer Verstärkten Zusammenarbeit zur Errichtung der Europäischen Staatsanwaltschaft und zur Änderung weiterer Vorschriften – Act of 15/12/2011, Federal Gazette – Bundesgesetzblatt I 2011, 2712 – Gesetz zur Verbesserung des Austauschs von strafregisterrechtlichen Daten zwischen den Mitgliedsstaaten der Europäischen Union und zur Änderung registerrechtlicher Vorschriften

GR   Гърция   - ---
DK   Дания   - ---
EE   Естония   - ---
IE   Ирландия   - ---
ES   Испания   - ---
IT   Италия   - ---
CY   Кипър   - ---
LV   Латвия Planned   process ongoing -


Directive is in the stage of implementation. Amendments in the Punishment Register Law has been approved in the second reading in the Parliment on 24.03.2022.

LT   Литва   - ---
LU   Люксембург   - ---
MT   Малта   - ---
UK   Third Country: United Kingdom   - ---
PL   Полша   - ---
PT   Португалия Planned   process ongoing --

Assessement exercise on going

RO   Румъния   - ---
SK   Словакия   - ---
SI   Словения   - ---
HU   Унгария Implemented   -

Act No CXXXIV of 2021

FI   Финландия   - ---
FR   Франция   - ---
NL   Холандия   - ---
CZ   Чешка република Planned   process ongoing --

Implementing legislation amending the Act No. 269/1994 Coll., on Criminal Record Register as well as other Acts has been submitted to the Parliament of the Czech Republic for approval. Currently, it is being discussed by the Parliament.

SE   Швеция   - ---
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