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ДържаваEntry into forceCountry NotificationRelated National legislationAdditional Information
AT   Австрия Implemented   1 юни 2020 -

Federal Law Gazette I No. 20/2020

BE   Белгия Implemented   1 сеп 2016 -

Ministerial order of July 19, 2016 establishing the nomenclature of points for services performed by lawyers in charge of partially or completely free second-line legal aid (M.B. 10/08/2016).

BG   България Implemented   26 яну 2019 -

Legal Aid Act; the Criminal Procedure Code; the Ministry of interior Act; the Extradition and European Arrest Warrant Act; the Customs Act; the State Agency for National Security Act; the Bar Act.

DE   Германия Implemented   11 дек 2019 -

Gesetz zur Neuregelung des Rechts der notwendigen Verteidigung vom 10.12.2019 (BGBl. I, 2128 ff.)

GR   Гърция   - ---
DK   Дания   - ---
EE   Естония Implemented   28 май 2019 -

Code of Criminal Procedure

State Legal Aid Act

Bar Association Act

IE   Ирландия   - ---
ES   Испания Implemented   2 юли 2018 ---
IT   Италия Implemented   10 апр 2019 -

Legislative Decree 7.3.2019 n. 24

CY   Кипър Implemented   21 май 2019 -

Ratification Laws 71(I)/2019 and Law 72(I)/2019

LV   Латвия Implemented   -

Entered into force with the amendments in the Criminal Procedure Law of the 27.09.2018.


LT   Литва Implemented   19 май 2021 ---
LU   Люксембург   - ---
MT   Малта Implemented   7 апр 2020 -

Act XVIII of 2020

UK   Third Country: United Kingdom   - ---
PL   Полша Implemented   ---
PT   Португалия Implemented   -

Law 34/2004 of 29 July 2004, establishing the regime of access to law and courts

Law 65/2003 of 23 August 2003, which proves the legal regime of the European Arrest Warrant

Code of Criminal Procedure

RO   Румъния Implemented   26 мар 2021 -

Criminal proceedings code

Law 51/2021, supplementing and amending Law 302/2004 on international judicial cooperation in criminal matters

SK   Словакия Implemented   1 юли 2018 -


SI   Словения Implemented   26 юни 2021 -

Implemented with the Act on changes and supplementation of the Cooperation in Criminal Matters with the Member States of the European Union Act 8ZSKZDČEU-1C) (Official Gazette of Republic of Slovenia, No. 94/21)

HU   Унгария Implemented   25 май 2019 -

2005 CXXXV. Act on Assistance to Victims of Crime and State Compensation, 2012 CLXXX. Act on Criminal Cooperation with the Member States of the European Union and 2007 CLI. Act amending certain laws relating to legal aid.

FI   Финландия Implemented   ---
FR   Франция Implemented   -

Criminal Procedure Code; Law No. 91-647 of July 10, 1991 relating to legal aid; Decree n ° 2005-790 of July 12, 2005 relating to the rules of ethics of the legal profession

NL   Холандия Implemented   25 май 2019 -

Legal Aid Act and Code of Criminal Procedure

HR   Хърватия Implemented   1 авг 2019 -

Act on Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters with Member States of the European Union

CZ   Чешка република Implemented   24 апр 2019 -

Act No.104/2013 Coll., on International Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters (in consolidated version) 

National Implementing Measures provided to the European Commission

Implementation has been completed by Act No. 111/2019 Coll. by amending the Act No. 104/2013 Coll, on International Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters.

SE   Швеция Implemented   1 май 2019 -

Code of Judicial Procedure, the Act on Surrender from Sweden According to the European Arrest Warrant and the Act on Surrender from Sweden According to the Nordic Arrest Warrant.

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