EJN Restricted area - Info to CPs

There is a section on the EJN website, which is restricted to the EJN Contact Points only. In this section of the EJN website, the EJN Contact Points have access to central documents for the EJN and other useful information:

  • EJN Guidelines
  • EJN Work Programmes
  • Information about the EJN Reporting tool and EJN Secure connection
  • Report from EJN Regional and National meetings
  • Action plan for the Sixth Round of Mutual Evaluations on Eurojust and EJN
  • Compilations of Contact Points replies to questionnaires

To access the EJN Restricted area, you will be required to fill in user name and password. Please contact the EJN Secretariat if you have not received these credentials. Please keep in mind that this is the only part of the EJN website

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