Cooperation with Third Countries and Judicial Networks

Judicial cooperation in criminal matters between EU Member States and third countries continues to be governed by international law treaties and agreements, either bilateral or multilateral. Furthermore, organised and transnational crime can be tackled more efficiently by linking judicial networks specialised in judicial cooperation in criminal matters, working together in a decentralised and informal manner. Contacts through judicial networks facilitate the practical implementation of the binding legal framework for judicial cooperation and speed up the procedures.

In case a third country does not belong to any judicial network, the direct nomination of contact points can fulfil the same purpose. Such nominations may take place also in case there is a particular need, e.g. in relation to countries which the EU Member States cooperate with on a more regular basis.

The EJN has established close relations with other judicial networks and through contact points in various third countries. These contact points are judges, prosecutors or other practitioners from local judicial authorities and central authorities. As a result, the EJN Contact Points enjoy direct access to contacts on a global scale. As EJN Contact Point you have access to all information on our partner networks and on the third countries working together with the EJN.

EJN Secretariat provides for funding in the form of grants (up to 5000 EUR) to organize regional meetings. EJN contact points may also apply for financial assistance to organize a regional meeting with one or more third countries.

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