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Areas on the EJN website with limited access

The EJN Contact Points have access to the restricted areas of the EJN website by using the “ejncp account“ of the website. The password - which is the same for all Contact Points - can be provided by the EJN Secretariat or by an EJN colleague. The “ejncp account” gives access to:

  • the EJN Contact Points lists (name, tel nr, email address, portrait photo etc.);
  • the EJN restricted area (Info to Contact Points, EJN newsletter, photos etc.);
  • EJN restricted documents in the Registry
  • Contact details of contact points in other judicial networks or non-EU countries

National authorities can have access to the EJN Contact Points lists by using the “rje account” of the website. The password can be provided by the EJN Secretariat. National authorities can also use the “rje account” to have access to certain documents, such a compiled document of EIO related matters (Competent authorities, languages accepted for the EIO and Scope).

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