29/05/2019 - - EJN
20th Annual Meeting of the German EJN-contact points and 18th Annual Berlin Regional EJN-Meeting; Berlin, Germany (6-7 May 2019)

The 20th Annual Meeting of the German EJN-contact points (and 8th Annual Berlin Regional EJN-Meeting) in Berlin on May 7, 2019 dealt with the practical relevance of assurances, conditions and guarantees within extradition and surrender proceedings.

Thanks to the funding by the EJN Grant we were able to invite guests from Austria, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Poland and Switzerland, who presented us numerous interesting individual cases and the corresponding solutions found by the jurisdiction of their countries. Besides we received equivalent reports form the French liaison officer in Berlin and our German counterpart in Paris, with whom the German EJN-contact points are currently cultivating an extreme close and effective cooperation.

Furthermore we were once again very delighted to welcome the Head of the EJN Secretariat, Mr. Ola Löfgren, who outlined for us the work of the Secretariat in the bygone year and informed us about the unlimited access to the compilation of know-how regarding the European Investigation Order on the EJN homepage.

Finally we celebrated the 10th meeting of the Eurojust National Coordination System (ENCS) together with members of the Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection and German desk from Eurojust.

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