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E-manual for the implementation of Framework Decision 2008/947/JHA and Framework Decision 2009/829/JHA

In light of the EU financed PONT project a final version of the e-manual for the implementation of two framework decisions has been published. The e-manual covers the Council Framework Decision 2008/947/JHA on the application of the principle of mutual recognition of probation decisions and alternative sanctions (Probation and Alternative Sanctions) and Council Framework Decision 2009/829/JHA on the application of the principle of mutual recognition to decisions on supervision measures as an alternative to provisional detention (European Supervision Order).


This e-manual and aims at facilitating the cooperation and mutual trust between the competent authorities in the EU Member States. The extensive and practical document has been uploaded to the EJN Library in the following sections:


§  2008/947/JHA: Council Framework Decision 2008/947/JHA of 27 November 2008 on the application of the principle of mutual recognition to judgments and probation decisions with a view to the supervision of probation measures and alternative sanctions


§  2009/829/JHA: Council Framework Decision 2009/829/JHA of 23 October 2009 for supervision measures



§  Handbooks, guidelines and practical guidance



In order to support an effective use of these two framework decisions, the European Commission has decided to co-finance the project Probation Observatory. Training and Network (PONT) – Grant no. 807026 – coordinated by the University of Bucharest in partnership with University Loyola Andalucía, Ministry of Justice Bremen/Germany, University of Latvia and the Confederation of European Probation (CEP).


The main activities of this project are: to conduct a thorough literature review, to run a training gap analysis, to elaborate an e-manual and deliver training to competent authorities from 10 European jurisdictions.

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