Програмата ЕС - Филипини за подкрепа на съдебната система (EPJUST) е пряк отговор на Европейският съюз (ЕС) на искането на правителството на Република Филипини (РП) за техническа помощ за решаване на проблема с извънсъдебните екзекуции (ИСЕ) и насилствените изчезвания (НИ).


The objective of the European Union’s EPJUST II Programme is to promote equitable access to justice and its efficient enforcement for all citizens in general and the poor and disadvantaged people in particular.  It is directly related to reform efforts that have been in place in the Philippines for the past twenty-five years, starting with the adoption of the 1987 Constitution and various reforms undertaken by the Philippine Government, especially the Action Programme for Judicial Reform (2001-2006).  

The Programme builds upon the achievements of two prior EU projects:  “Improving Governance to Reduce Poverty:  Access to Justice for the Poor” (November 2006 to August 2008) and “EU-Philippines Justice Support Programme (EPJUST)” (November 2009 to July 2011).

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