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EJN National and Regional meeting, 4-5 November in Aveiro, Portugal

Last November 5th a regional meeting took place, in Aveiro, Portugal, organised by the Portuguese contact points of the EJN. Besides the presence of the national contact points, twenty two regional Prosecutors, two members of the Eurojust Portuguese desk - one of them is also an EJN contact point; a contact point from France and another one from Spain participated.

The Agenda focused on the national transposition and problems on the practical application of Frame Work Decisions 584 and 909 and the added value of the intervention of the EJN contact points, especially on the articulation of both legal instruments; this point also allowed for debates on the impact of the ECJ case law on the application of the European Arrest Warrant Frame Work decision. 

As a second point, information on the cooperation between the British and the European authorities, on basis of the TCA has been provided.

After a cultural moment (the meeting took place in the Museum of Aveiro), the afternoon session focused on bilateral cooperation in all fields between Portugal, Spain and France and the meeting ended with the analysis of the result of a survey, organised at a national level, that aimed at finding out the level of awareness, from the Portuguese authorities (Courts and Prosecution Services, both Judges and Prosecutors as well as clerks) of the EJN and its tools.

The EJN regional meeting has been preceded and prepared on 4th November, by a meeting of the national contact points that discussed other issues of interest and namely meetings, election of a new EJN national correspondent, information on the EJN activities.

Group photo of meeting participants
Participants at the EJN National and Regional meeting, 4-5 November in Aveiro, Portugal

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