03/07/2017 - - EJN
EJN National Meeting in Lithuania

On 16 May 2017, the 1st national meeting  of  the European Judicial Network Contact Points from Lithuania took place in Vilnius. The meeting was organised by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Lithuania with financial support from the EJN budget.

Among the participants of the meeting there were representatives from the Ministry of Justice, Prosecutor General’s office, regional prosecutors, judges and their assistants from district, county courts from various regions of the country. Mr. Ola Löfgren, the Secretary to the European Judicial Network also took part in the meeting. The Meeting was moderated by Mr. Darius Žilys, the Director of the International Law Department, Ministry of Justice.

Opening and welcome address was made by Mrs. Margarita Šniutytė - Daugelienė, the Deputy of the Prosecutor General. She has made the remarks on the importance of EJN in the work of prosecutors when speedy replies are needed and shared her own experience as an EJN Contact Point.

Mr. Ola Löfgren has also welcomed the meeting and described the composition and functions of EJN Contact Points, shared some memories from early EJN beginnings to growing into a practical tool for legal professionals who work with criminal cases.

Mrs. Andrada Bavėjan, the Head of Legal Cooperation Division, International Law Department, Ministry of Justice and a national correspondent of EJN from Lithuania and Mr. Tomas Krušna, Chief Prosecutor, Department for Criminal Prosecution, Prosecutor General's Office have introduced the national system of contact points of the EJN (in criminal matters).

At the second part of the meeting Mr. Ola Löfgren has elaborated on the EJN webpage, especially highlighting the most used tools, such as the Atlas, Judicial Library, Compendium and the Fiches Belges. He has also showed some shortcuts in accessing the data on the page.

The further part of the meeting has acquired the form of discussion and experience exchange, seeking more effective ways to solve practical problems arising at work. Mrs. Indrė Balčiūnienė, Chief specialist, Legal Cooperation Division, International Law Department, Ministry of Justice has introduced the Directive 2014/41/EU regarding the European Investigation Order (EIO) in criminal matters of 3 April 2014 and its transposition in Lithuania. The Contact Points were informed of the main changes that the EIO will bring comparing to the existing MLA regime and other mutual recognition instruments.

Mr. Evaldas Gražys, Kaunas County Court, Chairman of the Criminal Cases Division and Mrs. Rozita Požarskienė, Prosecutor, Criminal Investigation Department, Prosecutor General's Office (Contact Point of EJN from Lithuania) have shared the experience on European Arrest Warrant (EAW) application, particularly tackling its proportionality and effectiveness.

Mrs. Gintarė Janikūnaitė, Chief specialist, Legal Cooperation Division, International Law Department, Ministry of Justice presented the legal framework, pros and cons some practical insight of hearing by videoconference in criminal matters.

The participants of the meeting concluded that in judicial cooperation in criminal cases due to their nature require urgent information exchange, thus the EJN is a very useful tool to facilitate the work. It also creates opportunities for legal professionals to solve arising practical problems and exchange their experience in applying the EU legal instruments on judicial cooperation in criminal matters.

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