16/10/2020 - - EJN
12th National Correspondents Meeting of the EJN

On 30 September 2020, the 12th National Correspondents Meeting of the European Judicial Network (hereinafter - EJN) took place under the German Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the meeting was held via videoconference in an abbreviated manner, gathering 25 participants from EU Member States and representatives of the EJN Secretariat.

In the first part of the meeting, participants were invited to share their experience in dealing with  judicial cooperation, particularly after the restrictive measures, applied world- and EU-wide in spring due to COVID-19 crisis, were mitigated. The National Correspondents informed that now the situation in the field of judicial cooperation has significantly improved in all countries and requests are being executing. The only area that remains affected in many countries is transfer of persons; however, judicial authorities admit that legal instruments allow postponing actual surrender without jeopardizing the rights of the detainees and the interests of the investigation.

EJN National Correspondents appreciated the electronic means of communication for the crucial role in ensuring the cross-border justice. EJN National Correspondents emphasized the importance of improving and updating the EJN Secure Telecommunication Tool.

Considering the implications of BREXIT in the area of judicial cooperation in criminal matters, National Correspondents explained the considerations for the future cooperation with the UK for the pending and new investigations.

Mr Ola Löfgren, the Secretary to the EJN, higlihgted the work of the EJN  ‘Petruhhin reference group’ composed of Contact Points of 15 EU Member States and 4 third countries, and into the report that is being prepared jointly by the EJN and Eurojust on the practical application of the CJEU Petruhhin judgment. The report is due to be ready by December 2020.

In the final part of the meeting, the representatives of the EJN Secretariat presented the ongoing activities and projects where the EJN is involved, especially focusing the attention of the participants to the following:
•    overview of the activities carried out during 2020;
•    the effect of COVID-19 restrictions on the Regional and National Meetings funded by the EJN budget;
•    Work Programme Forecast for 2021 and 2022;
•    the upcoming new EJN website;
•    the updates of the content of the website – Judicial Library, Fiches Belges, Atlas and Reporting Tool;
•    plans to hold 2nd Meeting between the EJN and the Western Balkans Contact Points in December 2020 after the successful discussions in December 2019;
•    update on the information provided by the Taiwanese Contact Points with regards to the first Inter-Regional Meeting planned to take place in Taipei in 2021.


Regretting that the outbreak of COVID-19 caused the cancellation of at least two EJN Plenary meetings – one in June 2020 under the Croatian Presidency and another in November 2020 under the German Presidency, the National Correspondents nevertheless expressed hope that in the nearest future the EJN Contact Point will be able to meet in person.

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