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The first EJN Trio Presidency

While dealing with the implementation of the Council Decision 976/JHA of 16 December 2008 (“the EJN Decision”) the EJN had to adapt itself to one more challenge: adopting the Trio Presidency mechanism.


Thus, with the entry into to force of the Lisbon Treaty, on the 1st of December 2009 and the adoption of the Decision of 1 December 2009 on the exercise of the Presidency of the Council, the EJN decided, at its 34th plenary meeting, on the basis of a proposal submitted by the EJN Secretariat, to introduce the Trio Presidency methodology in the Guidelines on the structure of EJN (“The Guidelines”). This very simple and new methodology enabled the Network to have a «collegial body» composed of three Presidencies of the Council of European Union and accommodate this principle to the budgetary cycles and other old practices within EJN.


The first three Presidencies were: Spain, Belgium and Hungary.


According to the Guidelines, the connection between Trios is made during the third semester of each trio working as a kind of «enlarged Trio». Therefore we already started working with the new EJN Trio in order to achieve a better continuity of the projects and the overall EJN work. The fact that EJN is a Network of persons and its main characteristics are based on the human factor and mutual trust between colleagues was also the «raison d'être» of this internal procedure; this is to say, getting to know each other and particularly allowing the new comers, namely the colleagues representing the first Presidency of the new Trio to start being familiar with this methodology.


Today we welcome «de facto» and officially the 2nd EJN TRIO (our colleagues from Poland, Denmark and Cyprus), with whom we have started working already.




Be most welcome dear colleagues from the new Trio!


A particular word to Poland, as the current Presidency: like Hungary, Poland is one more Member State experiencing the EJN Presidency for the first time, but with a considerable work already accomplished within EJN, even as Candidate Country, consequently, we can expect nothing but a great work in this Presidency, as we had with Hungary, the one leading us during these last 6 months.


In fact, while welcoming the new Trio this is perhaps the time to express our legacy of working with the very first EJN Trio.


What do we need to say?

  • That working as a real team is better than working alone, especially because this way of working is in the genes of the EJN?


  • And that sharing experiences, difficulties and best practices was our best achievement?

All of these is true in its simplicity and most probably no different than the experience of the General Secretariat of the Council, at its dimension, of course.


Consequently, better than words, the work done and the projects accomplished shall serve to define this period.


The signature of the Memorandum of Understanding with IberRed, the collaboration with the European Commission (EC) allowing the organisation of the 34th EJN Plenary Meeting together with the EC, for the very first time in the EJN history; the new EJN Site; and last, but not least the first Report on the operation of the EJN, are only some illustration of the such work, simultaneously with the Regional Meetings, the Language training, etc..


Based on such concrete results only one expression can be used from my side, on behalf of the EJN Secretariat and the large majority of EJN Community:


Thank you, dear colleagues of the first Trio. I'm confident your work will serve as a «best practice» for our future work.


Finally, a very special thank to the Hungarian Presidency, and to our dearest chairwoman, Tunde Forman for taking EJN as a priority, for all her commitment to EJN, that we are sure only started now.


To conclude, what about a last challenge to this First Trio - not written in our document but as an authentic Best Practice for the future? Thus, would you, dear first Trio, accept to continue working closely with the second Trio, sharing your experience and know-how? I'm sure you will!


Secretary to the European Judicial Network

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