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EJN National Meeting in Barcelona, Spain (5 October 2018)

Following an application of the Spanish Prosecutor General´s Office, supported by the Council of the Judiciary, the European Judicial Network Secretarial awarded Spain with a grant to fund a national meeting of contact points of the EJN for the calendar year 2018. The meeting took place on 5 October 2018 in the premises of the Superior Prosecution Service of Catalonia in the city of Barcelona.

The European Investigation Order (EIO) was implemented in Spain by Law 3/2018, of 11 June, amending the Law 23/2014, of 20 November, on mutual recognition of criminal decisions in the European Union, to introduce the European Investigation Order. The Law 23/2014 compiles in a single instrument all existing mutual recognition Framework Decisions and Directives in the field of mutual recognition in criminal proceedings. It entered into force on 2 July 2018.

The objective of the meeting was two-fold:

-          on one side, to analyse and evaluate the difficulties, problems and drawbacks identified in the initial period of implementation of the EIO in order to gain knowledge on how the system works in practice and find ways for a more efficient cooperation;

-          on the other, to tackle all aspects related to the distribution of competences between prosecutors and judges as executing authorities.

The EIO domestic law modifies the existing landscape of competent executing authorities, a situation that brings about a number of questions that needed to be conveniently addressed.

The meeting was attended by 26 national authorities (prosecutors and judges), all of them EJN contact points or members of the domestic networks of specialized prosecutors and judges. Bringing together judges and prosecutors to discuss the abovementioned system on distribution of competences and all other relevant question related to the implementation of the EIO in Spain was key for the success of the meeting, as all participants acknowledged at the end of it.

A fruitful debate took place during the meeting, at the end of which a number of relevant conclusions were reached. These conclusions are included in the meeting report.

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