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ECLAN Newsletter: Latest developments in EU criminal law - Issue 19

EU criminal law developments from January - June 2018 The ECLAN Newsletter aims at keeping you at pace with developments in the field of European Criminal law. It is divided into five sections: 1) Legislation, 2) Case law, 3) Research projects, 4) Publications and 5) Upcoming events.

What are the most important developments?

In this Newsletter, you will be informed of the adopted texts and the on-going negotiations, inter alia, the following files: the proposal for a Regulation concerning investigations conducted by OLAF as regards cooperation with EPPO, the proposal for a Regulation on European production and preservation orders for electronic evidence; the proposal for a Regulation on the mutual recognition of freezing and confiscation orders, the proposal for a Regulation on the establishment, operation and use of the SIS in the field of police and judicial cooperation or the EU agencies and bodies Regulations (OLAF, Eurojust) .

The following ECJ decisions are reported: C-367/16 Piotrowski, C-524/15 Menci, C-537/16 Garlsson Real Estate e.a., C-596/16 and C-597/16 Di Puma and Consob, C-191/16 Pisciotti, C-612/15 Kolev a.o.

As usual, information on research projects, publications and upcoming events relevant to EU criminal law are included.

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