10/10/2017 - - EJN
“Compensation for unlawful detention based on an EAW”

On 22 September 2017 a Regional meeting funded by EJN took place in Paris.

The topic of the meeting was compensation for unlawful detention based on an EAW.

Experts in the field of the EAW of the Member States France, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands had taken the initiative to conduct a comparative research.

Apart from 12 practitioners (prosecutors, judges or justice department staff involved in transfer, extradition and or mutual assistance procedures) , three academics also participated  in the meeting.

During this meeting a compilation of the replies to a questionnaire from 16 Member States was presented and discussed.

The main aim of this project was to enhance the cooperation and communication between the Member States after an unlawful detention.

By creating an overview of the differences and similarities in the national compensation mechanisms we hope to contribute to a fair access to justice for unlawfully arrested persons within the EU.

As one of the outcomes of the project a document with practical information on the national compensation mechanisms throughout the EU will  be developed.

The meeting was quite informal and many interesting issues were discussed.

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