20/02/2017 - - Legislation
Status of Transposition of the Directive 2014/41/EU regarding the European Investigation Order

European Investigation Order: status of transposition.

The Directive 2014/41/EU on the European Investigation Order in criminal matters ("EIO Directive") reinforces the principle of mutual recognition of judicial decisions in the area of judicial cooperation in criminal matters. The EIO Directive represents a significant change in the way the judicial authorities in the EU Member States will carry out international judicial cooperation on most measures, which until now, have been covered by the “classical” mutual legal assistance legal framework (“MLA”).


The deadline, 22 May 2017, for the transposition of the EIO Directive into national law is soon approaching. Therefore, the EJN Secretariat has regularly followed up with the implementation of this Directive and collected information from the Contact Points of all Member States on what is the status of transposition. The complete table can be found in the Judicial Library, under the Status of Implementation Section.


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