12.12.2019 - EJN
The Court finds that the French, Swedish and Belgian public prosecutor’s offices satisfy the requirements for issuing a European arrest warrant, and clarifies the scope of the judicial protection afforded to persons referred to in such warrants
11.12.2019 - Legislation
The Agreement of 28 June 2006 between the European Union and the Republic of Iceland and the Kingdom of Norway on the surrender procedure between the Member States of the European Union and Iceland and Norway entered into force on 1 November 2019.
10.12.2019 - EJN
Publication of joint report by Eurojust and the European Judicial Network that provides advice on where to turn
10.12.2019 - Partners
‘Criminal detention conditions in the European Union: rules and reality’ report of the EUROPEAN UNION AGENCY FOR FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS (FRA)
02.12.2019 - Legislation
2008/909/JHA: Council Framework Decision 2008/909/JHA of 27 November 2008 on the application of the principle of mutual recognition to judgments in criminal matters imposing custodial sentences or measures involving deprivation of liberty for the purposes of their enforcement.
25.11.2019 - EJN
To improve the knowledge and use of the EU Framework Decisions within the EU the Dutch Central Authority for FD 829 together with the international desk of the Dutch Probation Service and the Dutch Central Authority for FD 909 organized a regional meeting on 23 and 24 of September 2019 on the transfer of custodial sentences and supervision measures. These transfers are regulated in FD 909 and FD 829.
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