19/10/2017 - General
Two recent judgments of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) clarify the interpretation of the concept of ‘trial resulting in the decision’ used in Article 4 a (1) of Council Framework Decision 2002/584/JHA.
16/10/2017 - General
A new handbook on How to Issue and Execute a European Arrest Warrant has been released by the European Commission.
11/08/2017 - General
The CJEU clarified the margin of discretion that Member States have in transposing the provisions of Article 4(6) of the Framework Decision on the European Arrest Warrant and the surrender procedures between Member States (EAW FD).
18/05/2017 - General
The first issue 2017 of the Eucrim Journal is now available online.
10/05/2017 - General
The question referred to the CJEU was whether national legislation which makes it possible to combine tax penalties and criminal penalties with respect to the same act or omission – consisting of non-payment of VAT –, is compatible with Article 50 of the Charter, in conjunction with Article 4 of Protocol No. 7 to the European Convention on Human Rights?
10/05/2017 - General
The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) was asked to interpret Article 2, Article 3(1)(c), and Article 6(1) and (3) of Directive 2012/13/EU on the right to information in criminal proceedings. In this judgment, the CJEU reaffirms the Covaci judgement by stressing that the procedures cannot undermine the objective of the Directive and in the safeguarding of the fairness of the proceedings.
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