11/03/2016 - Partners
In November 2015, the Council of Europe Committee of experts on the Operation of the European Conventions on Co-operation in Criminal matters (PC-OC) has adopted a Model Request Form for mutual legal assistance in criminal matters (MLA) and Guidelines to this form.
04/03/2016 - Partners
Trier, 19-20 May 2016 / State of play in relation to Directive 2014/42/EU on the freezing and confiscation of instrumentalities and proceeds of crime in the EU since transposition
11/02/2016 - Partners
The European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) has launched the 2016 EJTN General Catalogue, which contains over 170 training activities of EJTN’s Members.
11/02/2016 - Partners
The European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) will continue in 2016 its seminars "EAW and MLA simulations".
07/02/2016 - Partners
The Academy of European Law (ERA) is currently organising two important events in relation to Cybercrime:
21/01/2016 - Partners
This first seminar in a series of five over two years will analyse the roles of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) and the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), as well as that of national courts, in improving conditions related to detention post and pre-trial.
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