22/10/2018 - 23/10/2018 - Judicial Cooperation
EU Cross-border evidence in practice-CR/2018/12 - Brussels - Belgium

EJTN Training - EU Criminal Law, Criminal Law Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters, Criminal Law European Criminal Procedure, Criminal Law European Criminal Law


Day-and-a-half training aimed at promoting effective way of cooperation on obtaining evidence in criminal matters between EU Member States in view of securing its admissibility abroad. The seminar, divided in national breakouts sessions, international workshops and plenaries, will give the opportunity to the practitioners to have an in-depth knowledge on the Directive on the European Investigation Order (EIO) and reflect on legal and practical implications in cross-border investigations: which changes with the EIO and national challenges in the implementation of the Directive.

 The seminar, through key notes and study cases, also intends to provide participants with a forum of discussions to raise those questions which can help them in daily praxis on how to solve problems in cross-border investigations as issuing / executing judicial authority and highlight differences and common approaches in gathering, obtaining and use of evidence in view of its admissibility abroad. Within this context, participants will be aware of the current legal landscape of EU cross border evidence and different regimes for the obtaining of evidence based upon Mutual Legal Assistance and Mutual Recognition Principle.

Exchange best practices and experience about how differences can stop EU cross-border investigations or how practitioners could achieve a successful prosecution will be at the core of the seminar


Target audience: 

Judges and prosecutors from Bulgaria, France, Cyprus, Finland, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia. Preferably prosecutors and criminal judges involved/ or with some knowledge in judicial cooperation in criminal matters or cross-border cases. 

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