Fiches Belges

Fiches Belges, Guide for a first visit

The "fiches belges" contain the essential points of the national legislation of the Member States as regards 8 different investigative measures. Each "fiche" is divided in three main sections: scope and alternative measure, competent body, and, practical details. The "fiches belges" provide practical information on what is possible in the framework of mutual legal assistance. The information in the "fiches" is intended for contact points and local judicial authorities to enable them to draw up requests for judicial cooperation.

Choosing the right fiche

When getting to the "Fiches Belges" section, you will find a list of 8 themes. These gather all measures related to a same topic. Click on the theme you wish to get to. You are then presented with a list of measures: click on one of them or go back to the list of 8 themes, if you want to start a new search.

Navigation inside a fiche

Once you have chosen a measure, a new page appears on the screen; it is divided into different parts.

To go back to the list of the measures from here, click on the link "Fiches Belges" in the navigation tree underneath the menu bar.

A fiche is always divided into measures and areas. You can browse the fiche by using the scroll bar or you can get directly to a specific area by clicking on a link in the left hand side navigation bar.

Related measures 

Alternative measures which are related to the same topic are listed in the right hand side navigation bar "See related measures".

Guide for a first visit
If you don't know how to use the fiches belges for help in request mutual legal assistance, visit this page

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