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Call for Applications for Financial Assistance regarding the organisation of EJN Regional and EJN National Meetings 2022


Dear EJN Contact Points,

Please find below the call for proposals for financial assistance for the organisation of EJN Meeting in the Member States - Regional and National meetings 2022.

The period for the meetings is between 01 April and 31 October 2022, therefore applications for financial assistance of the meeting taking place before and after this period will not be taken into consideration.

Should you be interested in applying, please read carefully the enclosed documents with the instructions and make sure to provide all the requested information.

Please note that the ceiling of EUR 5000 per application no longer apply, therefore it is very important that your budget estimate is as accurate as possible and cost-estimates are documented by offers, documents showing prices and similar supporting documents for the amounts indicated in each relevant cost category of 1. Accommodation 2. Travel-Transportation 3. Meeting venue-equipment 4. Meals and collation 5. Other direct costs.

The deadline for applications is 14 February 2021.


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Please visit the page on previously awarded grants to see a list of national and regional meetings funded by EJN in previous years.

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