Call for Proposals for Financial Assistance for the Organisation of EJN Regional and National meetings 2019



Dear EJN Contact Points,


In line with the procedure described in the calls for proposals for funding for the organisation of Meetings of the Contact Points in the Member States - Regional and National meetings - 2019, the Evaluation Committee has assessed the proposals that were received within the deadline for application, as published on the EJN website.


The EJN Secretariat would like to inform that the Authorising Officer, as per recommendation of the Evaluation Committee, has decided to award a maximum of 5.000 EUR per meeting and up to 95% of the eligible costs for the organization of the following meetings:


 Applicant Meeting Topic - Summarised

 Member States /

Countries Participating

EJN /REG-NAT /2019 /05 -Bulgaria Presentation of the Nordic Barnhaus Model. Best practice in interview with children in gathering of evidence in cyber crime cases and THB involving children.  NO, LT, LV, PO, RO, SI, BE
EJN /REG-NAT /2019 /07 -Belgium National meeting of the Belgian EJN Contact Points and the Contact Points of the National Network on International Cooperation in Criminal Matters.  BE
EJN /REG-NAT /2019 /08 -France  Retour d'expérience et échanges de bonnes pratiques des Points de Contact.  FR
EJN /REG-NAT /2019 /01 -Germany The practical relevance of assurances, conditions and guarantees within extradition and surrender proceedings.  DE, AT, FR, LI, LU, PO, CH
EJN /REG-NAT /2019 /02 -The Netherlands Strengthening mutual cooperation in mutual recognition of decisions on supervision measures as an alternative to provisional detention and the mutual recognition to judgement in criminal matters imposing custodial sentences or measures involving deprivation of liberty for the purpose of their enforcement in the EU between NL, ES and IT (FD 829 and FD 909)  ES, IT
EJN /REG-NAT /2019 /04 -Poland  EJN, Eurojust and EJCN and their role in facilitating cooperation in criminal matters between judicial authorities of the EU.  PL


Further, the proposal listed below shall remain on the reserve list and will receive financing only if there will be funds available from the above mentioned meetings.


Applicant  Meeting Topic - Summarised  Member States / Countries Participating
EJN /REG-NAT /2019 /03 -The Netherlands The implementation and practical implication of Article 4a Framework Decision 2002/584.  PT, DE, SE, NL


The proposal listed below is not eligible, as not meeting the selection and eligibility criteria.


 Applicant Meeting Topic - Summarised Member States / Countries Participating 
 EJN /REG-NAT /2019 /06 -France Tripartite meeting France, Spain, Itally - Fight against organised crime, drug trafficking, money laundering.  FR, ES, IT




Dear EJN Contact Points,


Please find below the call for proposals for financial assistance for the organisation of EJN Meeting in the Member States - Regional and National meetings 2019.


The period for the meetings is between 1 April and 11 October 2019, therefore applications for financial assistance of the meeting taking place before and after this period will not be taken into consideration.


Should you be interested in applying, please read carefully the enclosed documents with the instructions and make sure to provide all the requested information.


Please note that at least three weeks before the commencement of the action but not later than 28 June 2019 all successful applicants have to submit by E-mail to the EJN Secretariat the Final Draft Budget Estimate with all the supporting documents and the Final Agenda of the Meeting (see: point 8 of Call for Proposals).


The deadline for applications is 8 February 2019.


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Please visit the page on previously awarded grants to see a list of national and regional meetings funded by EJN in previous years.

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